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Vanquish Precision Multi-Caliber Takedown Sniper Rifle

Overall length: 39 inches
Total Weight: 12 lbs. without optics or accesories
Barrel: 20 inch match grade and fluted, 4140 Chrome Moly
Calibers: .338 Federal, .308 Winchester, .260 Remington, 6.5 Creedmoor & .243 Winchester
Magazine: 10 round detachable
Machining: CNC & Wire EDM
Muzzle Brake: (optional)

Muzzle Brake
Most muzzle brakes on the market today are cast and then machined. Ours is 100% machined in house. Our tolerances are kept within .002 making our small profile muzzle brake act like those 30% larger. Theirs crack, ours don’t and are warrantied for life. The result? Using our .308 brake on any rifle will reduce felt recoil down to the level of .223.
We do not compromise our client's accuracy when it comes to barrels. These barrels thread on and off, 99% of all other barrels do not. The heart of the Nemesis platform, extra barrels, are available in .338 Federal, .308 Winchester, .260 Remington, 6.5 Creedmoor & .243 Winchester and include our custom muzzle brake. Our barrels are 6 land, 6 groove match grade with the proper profile to support most suppressors.

Tactical Briefcase
Lockable, aluminum reinforced briefcase is thermally lined, has an ergonomic carry handle, shoulder strap and a full piano hinge.

Tactical Backpack
Custom black backpack with insert has pockets for your barrel, muzzle brake and two extra magazines. Made from 1000 Denier, this backpack has a quick-release padded waist strap, chest strap and a large outside pocket for food, hydration pack and extra ammunition.

Polymer "Lunchbox" Case
Lockable, aluminum reinforced briefcase is thermally lined, has an ergonomic carry handle, shoulder strap and a full piano hinge.

Backpack Armor Insert -
Technology, armor values, prices and availability will vary. Please contact us for current products.

Storage/Cleaning Caps
Tough Delrin caps are for long-term storage and the barrel cap can be used as a cleaning guide to protect your chamber. We make these ourselves, in-house to insure fit and the protection of the threads on the Nemesis. Strongly recommended, simple to use.

Magazines: .308 Winchester
Our proprietary .308 magazines hold .308 as well as .338 Federal, .260 Remington, 6.5 Creedmoor & .243 Remington cartridges. No need to change the bolt for these calibers. These are tough magazines, warrantied for life…’nuff said.

Adjustable Cheekpiece
Height adjustable Cheek Rest

AR Adapter
Adapter for most AR stocks

Extended Bipod Pin
Two location bipod pin for standard and suppressed shooting

Large Bolt Handle
1" Stainless steel diameter

FAB Adjustable Folding Stock with Adapter
FAB folding stock with adjustable cheekrest, complete with adapter

APO Adjustable Stock
Adjustable cheek piece, length of pull (LOP), vertical recoil pad position and optional height adjustable multi-position Monopod available. Requires AR adapter.

Quad Rail
Forend with 4 picatinny rails - Includes extended pin. Shown with optional tactical knife and bipod accessories.

Thread Protector
Protects thread on the muzzle of the barrel 5/8x24 thread pitch

Front Tri Mount
Tri-Mount with 3 picatinny rails used in conjunction with a rigid bipod (not included). This is a low profile alternative to our Quad Rail.